Our inspiration always was ran near us

We are the Krauze family- Zhenya, Denis and two little tails, Holst and Mona. Our dogs are our four-legged furry inspirers. In Hunting Pony we have combined three of our passions! First is our LOVE of animals. Second is our INTEREST in design and third is our desire to MAKE something with our hands We remember the history of Hunting Pony as today. In the winter of 2014, outside is freezing cold, Holst was trembling with cold and we stopped by the store for a stylish and warm outfit for him. But we saw only rhinestones, lettering, glitter and low quality. Well, on one very cold day we gathered to walk once again. We put on 5 layers of the warmest clothes and then we saw Holst...our fearless Golden Lion sat in the corner and looked at the door with horror. In his eyes was: "I saw what's happening there. You won't make me go out ". Only then did we understand that we had to come up something. So, nothing's too good for our precious pet, even a favorite sweater. We cut off the sleeve, made holes for paws and voila, a warm sweater was ready. And that immediately hit us with what we should be doing! Our hobby and greatest love all along has been running by our side! The name «Hunting Pony» was running by us too. Holst and Mona really like to run like a herd of horses, and they look like veeeeeery little horses (or rather, ponies). And they love to hunt. But they only hunt pine cones and sticks.


A long way of searching

Creating the first set for ourselves, we are responsible for the process. Only what we should find and deliver to Belarus, specialized high-strength bronze fittings, learning to work with leather. More than once we had to rework the leash to understand the secret of a perfectly round and comfortable handle. The result exceeded all our expectations. This process so gripped us that we couldn't stop.

The embodiment of thoughts, emotions and ideas:

When we made a set for our “ponies," we couldn't even think that this little idea would grow into something more. We've totally dedicated ourselves to Hunting Pony, what we like what do. It fills us with inspiration and enthusiasm. We do have a soft spot for natural materials. When we first started, we only wanted to use materials such as leather, wool, and linen. But that changed when we began to realize that pets and their products sometimes need more functional types of fabrics such as waterproof ones that are easy to wash and wipe clean, but also don't lose their shape, and to which, wool doesn't cling. In terms of materials, we are very selective and we are always in search of the best quality. It just so happens that we already have an idea for a new product but unfortunately, this idea has been collecting dust because we haven't found the same material. Another reason our product hasn't yet launched is that the supplier is not ready to work with the volumes we require.

How we create our products

1. Every product idea starts with a light bulb turning on above our heads, followed by its finer details involving a plan. And then prototypes are created — one, two, ten! It's a very long process — determining the right shape, proportion, and material. It is important to create not only a beautiful, but also a comfortable thing that does not restrict movement and perfectly sits on any pet.
2. There is a huge focus on the quality of materials. We use genuine Italian leather, high strength Czech fittings, and for textiles we use a natural alpaca wool, eco-friendly cotton and linen.
3. Creating leather accessories is a time-consuming process because each element is cut, glued and stitched by hand without sewing machines.

The workshop is like a second home. These days, the workshop is like a second home for us. There's a piece of our heart. It is also lovely to see our traditions grow every day: watching cartoons at lunchtime, congratulating each other on birthdays, and this year, during our New Year's celebration, we played a round of Secret Santa. We only have one single goal — to become the best online dog shop in the world! We don't care about fame, but we do care about delivering the highest satisfaction to customers in our line of business. We hope you will help us along the way!

Your team "Hunting Pony"